Do you know that only 3% of the IT professionals in India have the capability to switch jobs and demand a high salary at their will? They make their presence count by adding value to their organization. Who would not like pay more for professionals like that? What about you? We assure you that we would help you to get into that elite 3% group. Ready for the challenge?
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Program details

An End to End program on virtualization, cloud computing and cloud security. These are the top IT skills in demand all across the world. Your decision to take up this program will skyrocket your market position to demand a high salary and provide a satisfied career.

For administrators

  • Learn how to set up a virtualized environment on a bare metal server
  • Learn server administration with all the required tools
  • Learn application deployment on the cloud
  • Learn application monitoring on the cloud

and much more....we provide you with a world class infrastructure from our cloud servers in the US

For developers

  • Creating world class applications using .NET, J2EE, Python, Ruby on Rails, Android and iOS platforms on all the major PAAS offered by the leading cloud providers
  • Learn to develop applications in cloud based SDK's
  • Learn to develop secure applications complying to all the major security standards
  • Learn how to deploy applications and monitor them
  • Learn to create applications with high scalability and performance