1. To equip students with adequate technical and soft skills to perform better in their job

2. To help students understand their strengths and weaknesses

3. To help students learn the art of building interpersonal relationships

4. To make students understand the importance of achieving success by working as a team

5. To help students understand the need of aligning individual goals with the organization’s vision

6. To help students understand the corporate and business etiquettes

7. To help students hone their lateral thinking and problem solving skills

Why you should choose JReady program?

Believe it or not, the industry expectation on freshers has drastically changed over the years. Gone are the days where jobs were waiting for all those who

pass out of college. Here are some surprising trends in the Campus to corporate spectrum


universities in India


colleges in India


engineers pumped into society every year



lack analytical ability



lack English communication



of candidates rejected from IT firms



land into cream jobs through campus placements



go for higher education

  • Cheated by placement agencies and consultancies through "job assured" claims
  • End up paying huge money for worthless training
  • Run around attending name sake interviews, most of them are staged
  • At the end, completely frustrated and give up on the dreams and settle for anything that comes on the way
  • Employable from day 1
  • Good analytical and communication skills
  • Great attitude and exposure on work environment
  • Hands on experience during education
  • Team player, collaborative approach motivated, committed, dedicated
  • Knowledge about latest trends
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Basic understanding of the business and its processes
  • Highly theoretical and outdated syllabus
  • More focus on scoring in exams than understanding subjects in-depth
  • Students lack direction for future – No guidance and counselling
  • Students not up to date with latest industry trends
  • Students realize about job preparedness very late
  • Students expectations not in line Industry expectations
  • Knowledge and skill sets not aligned with industry expectations
  • Education curriculum not matching industry needs
  • Theory vs practice – Need to bridge the gap
  • Lack of exposure on Industry needs and expectations
  • 12 lakh positions to be filled every year
  • 1 out of every 4 global resource filled is from India
  • Companies looking out for "Job Ready" Freshers
  • The demand for freshers is going to improve
  • IT is only programming
  • You need to be exceptionally talented to work in IT
  • You need campus placement for a successful IT career
  • XTendCampus JReady program breaks this myths and offers you hope
  • We take you virtually through everything happening in an IT organization right from administration to project delivery
  • Run by trusted names in the industry
  • 100% practical exposure
  • We don't guarantee jobs but make you Job ready to face the world
  • We provide assistance till you settle down in your job
  • End to End mentorship
  • Tie ups with corporates