We take you virtually through everything happening in an IT organization right from administration to project delivery

  • Quantitative and Qualitative Aptitude tests to analyze one’s basic logical and problem solving skills
  • Tests on English Grammar, Vocabulary and Comprehension to analyze one’s written and understanding skills in English
  • Advanced Problem Solving and Data Interpretation Test to analyze one’s ability to solve complex problems
  • Personality Assessment test to possibly understand one’s inherent personality And finally
  • Job ready courses in the cutting edge IT technologies i.e., in the areas of Cloud Computing, Social and Mobile Computing, Virtualization using VMWare Tools, IT Security, Server Administration in a cloud/ virtual environment. These courses expect a certain level of prior experience in the respective areas and we have bridge courses to get you there.

JQuotient Assesement

An evaluation methodology that is carefully crafted by our experts to realistically measure your potential for an enriching career. It consists of online and in-person sessions through which our experts come up with your JQuotient and chart out a personal training and mentoring plan just for you


Our training methodology is crafted with your future in mind. It comprises of a unique blend of class room and hands on exercises that would put you high up there in the job market.


We don't stop with just teaching sessions. We give you world class infrastructure and environment to practice all that you learn. Remember the old saying "Practice makes you perfect"? It is 100 % true not only today but forever. We have our high powered servers in our USA data center.

When you’re working toward something,
keeping your focus is much easier


We don't stop with practice. We want you to use what you had practiced in a real time atmosphere and see if you are able to handle it like a professional. We put you in different companies for a specific period of time to get you immersed in the real time work atmosphere. You will enjoy each and every day of your internship


Our certificates are from our technology partners directly. You need not worry about the value of these certificates as these are universally well acknowledged